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35 Christian Questions

  • 1:

    What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?

  • 2:

    Tell of a past event that has influenced your faith the most.

  • 3:

    Who is your Christian role-model?

  • 4:

    Who is your favorite Bible character?

  • 5:

    What is your favorite Bible name?

  • 6:

    If you were to participate in short-term mission trip, where would you like to go?

  • 7:

    Favorite well-known Bible story?

  • 8:

    Would you rather be shot for your faith (and die) or be tortured and live to tell of the experience?

  • 9:

    What are your top three worship songs?

  • 10:

    Your top three favorite Christian contemporary songs?

  • 11:

    Are you a Proverbs 31 woman or a Job 29 man?

  • 12:

    Who is your favorite current Christian speaker? (ex: Francis Chan, Beth Moore, etc.)

  • 13:

    What is your favorite time of day to read the Bible?

  • 14:

    In what ways has God blessed you recently?

  • 15:

    Have you ever witnessed to someone? If so, would you do it again?

  • 16:

    What is a prayer of yours that God has answered recently?

  • 17:

    What do you feel God is really teaching you right now?

  • 18:

    Any Fruit of the Spirit you know you could work on?

  • 19:

    Do you enjoy going to church?

  • 20:

    Which do you prefer; daily devotions or a daily Bible passage?

  • 21:

    Ever read the Bible straight through?

  • 22:

    What are some chapters in the Bible that you recommend to beginner Bible readers?

  • 23:

    What are some chapters in the Bible that you recommend period?

  • 24:

    When's the last time you went to church?

  • 25:

    What is your favorite Christian holiday and why?

  • 26:

    Favorite verse?

  • 27:

    Name your top three favorite Christian bands, from any Christian genres.

  • 28:

    Do you call Him the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost?

  • 29:

    In the Lord's Prayer, do you say "forgive us our sins", "forgive us our debts", or "forgive us our transgressions"?

  • 30:

    What is your favorite Bible Study/Sunday School moment?

  • 31:

    Who, on tumblr, inspires your walk with Christ the most?

  • 32:

    If you have one, what is the date of your rebirthday? (or anniversary of becoming a Christian)

  • 33:

    Would you rather die and go to heaven or be on earth when Jesus comes again?

  • 34:

    What is the best thing someone has done to encourage you spiritually?

  • 35:

    Old-fashioned church services or contemporary church services?

  • (OK, I'm going to break my usual no-meme rule because most of these questions are terrible ["favorite verse" what] and I can't wait to talk about them!)







Jury nullification. Pass it on.

Jury nullification is so fucking important.

This is something that more people should be aware of, if only because (in many states, at least) defense attorneys are actually prohibited from mentioning it to jurors. The law allows a jury to return a “not guilty” verdict contrary to the facts of the case, but not for the defense to inform them of that power or to argue for its application in the current trial.

I didn’t know about this. Wow.

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This is SUPER IMPORTANT and also a good reason to show up for jury duty. You know all those laws you think are stupid? This is your chance to maybe do something about it. 

But jury nullification is also why rapists and pedophiles can still get away with their horrible crimes.


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